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The Movement of Conscientious Objectors

Digest May 2024


(09.07.2024) Friends, hello everyone! This is Artem Klyga from the Movement of Conscientious Objectors. In May, we faced mass raids on conscripts in Moscow. There were so many that we had to launch a public assistance campaign with our colleagues. Meanwhile, in Kazakhstan, the first abduction of a Russian deserter by the military police has taken place. Kazakhstan is not a safe country, and we have written and spoken about this many times. In Krasnodar, conscripts are being forcibly sent to military service after undergoing medical examinations, and in various regions of Russia, the traffic police are unlawfully taking on the functions of military offices. Enjoy reading!

Photo: Zaira Zafarana

Oral statement given at Interactive dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Eritrea

UN Human Rights Council, 56th Session

(20.06.2024) On the occasion of the 56th session of the UN Human Rights Council currently running in Geneva, Connection e.V. collaborated with War Resisters International drafting a statement on the current situation of human rights in Eritrea.

Sofia Orr. Photo: Rami Shllush/Haaretz.

A Conscientious Objector’s Vision of Life for Israelis and Palestinians From the River to the Sea

Interview with Sofia Orr by Haaretz

(17.06.2024) Sofia Orr has just spent 85 days in military jail after refusing to enlist in the IDF. Now released after being recognized as a conscientious objector, the 19-year-old talks about why she did it, the attacks from both left- and right-wing extremists, and about what she heard from her fellow inmates.

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Refuser Solidarity Network (RSN).

Amplification is critical for the Israeli war resisters

Newsletter of the Refuser Solidarity Network (RSN)

(16.06.2024) Hey, Atalya here. I am a refuser who spent 110 days in prison and am RSN’s social media coordinator. Last week, Mattan shared how we assist activists in executing impactful actions to shift Israeli public opinion. This is only part of our support. This week I’d like to talk to you about the work I’m doing to amplify their voices.