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Call for an International Day of Action for Egyptian Pacifist

Free Maikel Nabil Sanad

(15.08.2011) War Resisters’ International, Connection e.V. and DFG-VK Hesse call for an International Day of Action for imprisoned Egyptian conscientious objector, critic of the military and blogger Maikel Nabil Sanad. We ask groups and organisations to join the actions on 9 September 2011: Free Maikel Nabil Sanad!

Egyptian pacifist Maikel Nabil Sanad arrested for insulting the military

Please send letter of protest

(30.03.2011) War Resisters’ International, the international network of pacifist and antimilitarist organisations with more than 80 affiliates in more than 40 countries, is concerned about the arrest of Egyptian pacifist and conscientious objector Maikel Nabil Sanad, 25, from Cairo [3]. According to information received by War Resisters’ International, Maikel Nabil Sanad was arrested in his home in the Ain Shams neighbourhood if Cairo at about 10pm on 28 March 2011 by military police. He was only able to call his brother on the next day, to inform him of his arrest.

South Korea: Mandatory Military Service Frozen at 21 Months

(22.12.2010) The Defense Ministry on Tuesday decided to freeze mandatory military service for the Army and Marine Corps at the current 21 months effective from Feb. 27 next year. The term for the Navy, marine police, and firefighters on active duty will be 23 months, and for the Air Force 24 months effective from early January next year. The step put the brakes on a gradual reduction of conscription from 24 months to 18 months for the Army, 20 months for the Navy and 21 months for the Air Force, which was announced in September 2007.

"I Would Not Serve in the Egyptian Army and I Bear the Consequences"

Statement of Egyptian conscientious objector Maikel Nabil Sanad

(20.10.2010) Last Monday, 18th of October, I was informed with the final decision by the Egyptian Military Institution to nominate me as a reserve officer for the armed forces. It is supposed that I deliver myself to the recruitment area to where I am included, On next Friday (22nd of October, 2010), to be transferred to the College of Reserve Officers at Fayed ( Ismailia ), to start a compulsory military service for 3 years. I can accept that I would be forced to lose my freedom, but I’m not ready to give it up with my own free will.