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Sweden abolishes military conscription

(20.05.2010) The Swedish parliament – the Riksdagen – yesterday formalized the abolishment of compulsary military service in the country. From July this year, the recruitment of new soldiers will be based exclusively on applications from the people interested, Swedish Radio reports.

Taiwan Ministry of National Defense to abolish conscription and alternatives in 2015

(02.04.2010) Alternatives to compulsory military service will disappear once conscription is abolished on Jan. 1, 2015, but the wages of soldiers will rise significantly, defense officials said yesterday. Taiwan plans to finish conscription by the end of 2014 following successive governments’ measures to cut down the size of the military. Potential conscripts born in 1994 or later would only have to undergo four months of basic military training, reports said.

Russia: One-Year Conscription Has not Stopped Dedovshchina

(01.03.2010) Introduced in 2008, the one-year draft was intended to reduce conflict between conscripts from different draft campaigns. The ‘dedy’ or ‘grandfathers’ about to demobilize would often abuse, haze, or otherwise mistreat brand-new inductees. On Thursday, SibVO Commander, General-Lieutenant Vladimir Chirkin told reporters: “The military expected a dramatic decrease in this type of offenses, but, regrettably, hazing remains an acute problem."

No Casting for War !

No Civilians on the Battlefield!

Speach at the action in Frankfurt/M.

(28.02.2010) Right now, your hotel is playing host to a casting show for war. Optronic Ltd, a German corporation, is recruiting civilians who are to play a part in the U.S. Army’s military training.

On German territory, U.S. troops are training for war in Afghanistan. During their training, they use their civilian recruitees as live targets, shooting at them with blank cartridges. The victims are to respond in a realistic fashion, to “play dead” after being shot at.