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Russia: Activists in St. Petersburg Say Men Being Forced into Army

(22.12.2009) Rights activists in St. Petersburg say there have been numerous rights violations during the Russian Army’s recruitment process this year. A representative of the organization Soldiers’ Mothers of St. Petersburg told Radio Free Europe that they have received a large number of phone calls from people complaining that local military recruitment offices "are literally hunting for young men on the streets, in supermarkets, and the subway to forcibly enlist them into the army."

Israel: Prison Term for Objector Idan Barir

(09.12.2009) We received news from our friends in Combattants for Peace that one of their activitsts, Idan Barir, has been imprisoned for his refusal to perform reserves service in the 1967 Occupied Territories. Idan, 29, from the Tel Aviv suburb of Givataim, has been sentenced on Monday (7 Dec.) to 14 days of incarceration, which he is now serving in Military Prison no. 6 near Atlit.

“We declare, that we will toil against occupation and oppression in the occupied territories”

Israel: Senior’s Refusal Letter 2009

(08.10.2009) We, the undersigned young women and men, Jews and Arabs from all parts of the country, hereby declare that we will toil against the occupation and oppression policies of the Israeli government in the occupied territories, and in the territory of the land of Israel, and therefore refuse to take part in actions related to such policies, which are carried out in our name by the Israeli Defence Force. Until October 28, 2009, the petition was signed by more than 400.

Honduras: Resistance against reform of military service

(03.09.2009) After the military coup in Honduras in June 2009, resistance is growing in the country to what is seen as a reintroduction of conscription, which had been abolished by a constitutional amendment in 1994. Already in July 2009, human rights activists accused the Honduran military to forcefully recruit for the Armed Forces.