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Refuseniks from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine say no to war

(29.09.2022) On the occasion of Refugee Day on 30 September, PRO ASYL and Connection e.V. present voices of conscientious objectors from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. All of them are threatened with criminal proceedings in their countries of origin and need protection from persecution. The German government is to make generous use of their options to grant humanitarian visas.


Petition to support Conscientious Objectors and Deserters from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine

(21.09.2022) On the occasion of the International Day of Peace, 21st September, Connection e.V., the International Fellowship of Reconciliation, the European Office for Conscientious Objection and War Resisters’ International are calling for a signature campaign for deserters and conscientious objectors from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The #ObjectWarCampaign calls on all citizens from everywhere to join the global effort to ensure protection and asylum to conscientious objectors and deserters from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine involved in the current war in the region. They are our hope to refuse war and let peace prevail!

Photo: DoD

Ukraine suspended right to conscientious objection to military service

(05.09.2022) As the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence informed the Ukrainian Pacifist Movement a few days ago, due to martial law the right to conscientious objection existing in Ukraine has been suspended: According to the law, alternative service is a substitute for military service, which must be performed for a limited period of time. "Due to martial law, since 24.02.2022 the temporary military service in Ukraine is no longer implemented. Therefore, the implementation of alternative service is not applicable."

Ukraine: Drop all charges against Ruslan Kotsaba

(19.07.2022) In Ukraine, a trial against Ukrainian journalist, pacifist and conscientious objector Ruslan Kostaba will be held on Tuesday 19 July 2022, simply because he publicly expressed his pacifist views.