Objectors Report 

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Yasmin Ricci-Yahav

Israel: A Conscientious Objector’s Thoughts From a Military Prison

(03.11.2019) In military jail, before the girls know your name, they want to know why you’re there. It’s the first question asked of any girl who joins the complex, and her answer, and more importantly, the way she answers, allows the others to understand something about her. Is she angry or afraid? Does her imprisonment seem justified? Is this her first time in jail, or does she know the way things are run here? Is she staying for a while, is it worth getting to know her? When a girl enters a cell at night, the others sit on their beds and watch her carefully, closely, and try to understand what sort of person is going to share their cell and their lives for the next few days or weeks. But after the customary questions are answered and the girl explains why and how long she is there for, the conversation quickly softens and returns to normal.

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CO-Declaration of Hilel Garmi on Facebook

“All people need to have red lines beyond which we will no longer be prepared to cooperate more with the state.”

(14.08.2018) Hilel Garmi tells us how the recent protest at the Gazan border and the writings of Ahmed Abu Artema inspired him to his act of civil disobedience.
He talks about the injustice of the Israeli state affecting the lives of Palestinians without granting them any right to political participation in the decision-making processes between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River. For Hilel the refusal to serve in the Israeli army is a non-violent mean to emphasize the government’s lack of morality and to make the Israeli public question things they take for granted, such as the necessity and legitimacy of military actions.

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Israel: "That is why I think it is so important to refuse"

Lecture tour 2015

(19.11.2015) November 9 to 19, 2015, Connection e.V. organized a speaking tour in Germany under the slogan "Israel/Palestine: Active against War and Militarization". 18 years old Tair Kaminer from Israel was one of two speakers. She is refusing the military service because of the Israeli governments's policy of occupation. January 10th she was sentenced a first time to 21 days. We document her speech November 2015. (ed.)

“Die US-Armee ließ mich im Stich”

US-Deserteur nach Rückkehr aus Kanada zu 15 Monaten Haft verurteilt

(22.03.2013) Der US-Deserteur Justin Colby hatte in Kanada gelebt, um einen erneuten Einsatz im Irak zu verweigern und um sich besser um seine Familie kümmern zu können. Im Sommer 2012 ging er zurück in die USA. Dort wurde er vom Militär verhaftet und ein Militärgerichtsverfahren wegen Desertion gegen ihn eröffnet. Am 22. März wurde er zu 15 Monaten Haft verurteilt. Nur aufgrund einer Vereinbarung im Vorverfahren muss er nur neun Monate in Haft bleiben.