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"My family supports me"

Interview with Maksim Gaidukov, conscientious objector from Russia

(15.08.2022) 20 year-old Maksim Gaidukov traveled to Germany just days after the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine. He is working as a model in Berlin and has been granted temporary residence permit.

"There is nothing to be proud of"

Interview with Mark Romankov, conscientious objector from Russia

(15.08.2022) Mark Romankov, aged 22, had attended university in Germany for some prior to 2022. It was during the days just before the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops that he returned to Germany – and sought asylum just there soon after.

Oren Feld, Credit: Ore Cherbelis Hod

Israel: Sentenced to 14 days in prison for refusing to serve the occupation

(22.11.2021) Hello, my name is Oren, I’m 29 years old. I live in Jerusalem and I am an MA student. I run a social worker NGO and work in the Jerusalem branch of the Hadash party (The Democratic Front for Peace and Equality). I was just released after 14 days in military jail for refusing to do my reserve duty in the Israeli military.

Video to staged reading »Run Soldier Run«

A collage on war, desertion, objection and ayslum

(26.10.2021) Here we show short excerpts from the staged reading »Run Soldier Run« with Rudi Friedrich and Talib Richard Vogl. With their new programme on war, desertion, refusal and asylum, they thrilled the audience at previous events. (German with English subtitles)

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