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Videos: Agustěn Aguayo speaks

Going AWOL - after military jail

(01.05.2007) In two videos Agustín Aguayo reports about why he went AWOL and about his experiences in military jail.

Agustín Aguayo

Statement Submitted to the United States Court of Appeals in Washington D.C.

Conscientious Objection Declaration

(02.09.2006) I have received orders from my command that on August 28, 2006, I will be deployed to Iraq in support of (ISO) the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) for a minimum of 365 days. In this statement, I explain why my religious beliefs will not permit me to participate in this or any war, even as a non-combatant, and why, under compulsion of conscience, I will risk court-martial and imprisonment rather than deploy.