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Conscientious Objector Kemal Soylu. Photo: Conscientious Objection Watch.

Conscientious Objectors Share Their Stories

Part II: Kemal Soylu

(11.06.2024) This is Merve Arkun from the Conscientious Objection Watch, Turkey. We are happy to share with you the second video of the series of interviews we started to share the stories of conscientious objectors from Turkey, the first video of which we published on the International Day of Conscientious Objection. In the second interview of the interview series, we share the experiences of conscientious objector Kemal Soylu.

Protestaktion auf der Zugspitze. Foto: amab.

"Retten statt Rüsten – 100 Mrd. für Klimaschutz und Seenotrettung"

Protest gegen Bundeswehr auf der Zugspitze

(10.06.2024) Nicht einmal fast 3000 Meter über dem Meer ist das deutsche Militär am "Tag der Bundeswehr" vor Protest sicher. Antimilitarist*innen enterten unangemeldet die Zugspitze. Am Gletscher hissten sie ein Banner mit der Aufschrift „Retten statt Rüsten – 100 Mrd. für Klimaschutz und Seenotrettung!“ Verantwortlich für die überraschende Aktion ist das Jugendnetzwerk der Deutschen Friedensgesellschaft-Vereinigte Kriegsgegner*innen (DFG-VK) und die Antimilitaristische Aktion Berlin.

Merve Arkun: "We are often stopped by armed police." Photo: Rena Effendi/The Guardian

"You can’t fight your way to peace"

From a 20 y/o Israeli to a 99 y/o Briton, eight conscientious objectors on why they refused to serve in the army

(08.06.2024) Military service for 18-year-olds is a key Tory election pledge in the UK. But in countries with conscription, opting out comes at a heavy cost – ostracisation, fines and time in prison. With Peter Hathorn (South Africa), Einat Gerlitz (Israel), Merve Arkun (Turkey), Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal (Thailand), Bill Galvin (USA), Oleg Sofyanik (Ukraine), Mikita Sviryd (Belarus/Lithuania) and Timothy Tyndall (UK).

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Refuser Solidarity Network (RSN).

Direct action: How a little bit can go a long way

Newsletter des Refuser Solidarity Network (RSN)

(08.06.2024) Today, I would like to talk about the support we at Refuser Solidarity Network (RSN) are providing for some of the most important direct resistance actions taking place on the ground in Israel today. We are in close contact with a number of resistance groups. These are led by young Israeli activists who are not affiliated with established NGOs. They have great ideas, a talent for organization, and large amounts of courage and motivation.