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André Shepherd

US AWOL soldier André Shepherd Needs Asylum!

A Declaration on Anti-War Day, 2009 - Signed by more than 100 groups and organisations

(01.09.2009) US AWOL soldier André Shepherd applied in November 2008 for asylum in Germany. Currently, he is waiting for the decision of the Federal Office of Migration regarding his application for asylum. More than 100 groups and organisations are asking the Federal Government of Germany at September 1, 2009, "to grant André Shepherd asylum, and to protect those who conscientiously object to participating in wars contrary to the law of international human rights".

Israel: Investigation against New Profile

Letter to Supporters

So many have stepped forward to back New Profile during this time. We would like to thank you warmly. This has been deeply meaningful for us. In a truly amazing show of support, you have sent over 5,000 letters to Israel’s Attorney General, protesting the criminalization of New Profile, via the Jewish Voice for Peace website. You have, moreover, taken many other actions, as suggested on our website.