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Winter Soldier Europe, March 2009


(14.03.2009) Detailed schedule of Hearing Winter Soldier Europe.

"Let us bring an end to these morally bankrupt endeavors"

Veterans and soldiers to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - Hearing March 14 in Freiburg

"For far too long, the American Government hase done its best to keep reality at bay, while feeding its population a romanticized view of the events on the ground", declared American soldier André Shepherd, who is absent without leave (AWOL) and applying for asylum in Germany, today. "Our aim is to educate, and hopefully bring about an end to these morally bankrupt endeavors." Chris Arendt, Zack Baddorf, Chris Capps-Schubert, Dave Cortelyou, Eddie Falcon, Lee Kamara, Christian Neumann, Shepherd, and Martin Webster, veterans and soldier of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, will report about their experiences this Saturday in Freiburg (Germany).