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Humanitarian aid for Belarusian and Ukrainian refugees in Lithuania. Photo: Nash Dom.

Mikita Sviryd: The story of a Belarusian deserter in Lithuania

Stuck between the threat of death penalty in Belarus and illegal refugee status in Lithuania

Mikita Sviryd, a Belarusan deserter who, when the war started in Ukraine, fled illegally to Lithuania because he was afraid that the Belarusan army would go to Ukraine to help Russia. Today Mikita is an illegal refugee, Lithuania has denied the young deserter political asylum. In Belarus, desertion can be punishable by death penalty. Today, he is desperate and expects nothing good in his future. What is for geopolitics the fate of one guy who at the age of 19 decided to give up being a soldier? #protection4Nikita

Oral statement given at Interactive dialogue on the situation in Ukraine

UN Human Rights Council, 56th Session

(10.07.2024) This morning, Mr. Volker Turk, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights concluded the interactive dialogue at the UN Human Rights Council on the situation in Ukraine. Connection e.V. collaborated with War Resisters International to the drafting and delivering of an oral statement in the plenary, calling for the end of the war in Ukraine and for the protection of the human rights of those who object to the war. Among others, the case of the human rights defender, Yurii Sheliazhenko, and of his organization, Ukrainian Pacifist Movement have been raised.

The Movement of Conscientious Objectors

Digest May 2024


(09.07.2024) Friends, hello everyone! This is Artem Klyga from the Movement of Conscientious Objectors. In May, we faced mass raids on conscripts in Moscow. There were so many that we had to launch a public assistance campaign with our colleagues. Meanwhile, in Kazakhstan, the first abduction of a Russian deserter by the military police has taken place. Kazakhstan is not a safe country, and we have written and spoken about this many times. In Krasnodar, conscripts are being forcibly sent to military service after undergoing medical examinations, and in various regions of Russia, the traffic police are unlawfully taking on the functions of military offices. Enjoy reading!