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Turkmenistan: Tenth jailed conscientious objector in 2018

(21.09.2018) Turkmenistan rejected a call at the UN Human Rights Council UPR to introduce an alternative to compulsory military service. The rejection came weeks after another conscientious objector, 18-year-old Serdar Atayev, was jailed for one year. Ten are known to have been jailed in 2018.

The jailing of 18-year-old Serdar Atayev brings to ten the number of conscientious objectors known to have been jailed in Turkmenistan in 2018 for refusing compulsory military service on grounds of conscience. He is among four conscientious objectors known to have been jailed in August.

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Hilel Garmi. Foto: Yoav Eshel

Israel: Conscientious objector Hilel Garmi imprisoned for the fourth time

(20.09.2018) Conscientious objector Hilel Garmi from Israel has been imprisoned again for his refusal to be conscripted. Garmi was sentenced to 20 more days in military prison on Monday, 17th September. This is his fourth imprisonment and when released he will have spent 57 days in military prison in total.

As well as filling in the email alert run by War Resisters International, please send your solidarity messages to Garmi via the online form by Mesarvot here.

Azerbaijan: Second 2018 conscientious objector conviction

(18.09.2018) For the second time in 2018, an Azerbaijani court has given a young conscientious objector a criminal conviction for refusing to perform compulsory military service. Agdam District Court handed 19-year-old Vahid Abilov a one-year suspended prison term on 6 September, and he will be under probation for one year. He is planning to appeal against his conviction. Three more similar cases might follow.

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Turkmenistan: Now eight jailed conscientious objectors

(16.08.2018) With two jailings in August, eight conscientious objectors aged 18 to 24 are now serving labour camp terms of one to two years. Forum 18 could not reach Human Rights Ombudsperson Yazdursun Gurbannazarova to ask why young men are jailed for refusing military service on grounds of conscience.

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