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Turkmenistan: Three more conscientious objectors jailed

(30.07.2018) Three Jehovah's Witnesses were jailed in July for one year each for refusing compulsory military service on grounds of religious conscience. They are among at least five conscientious objectors jailed so far in 2018, all of them Jehovah's Witnesses. Prosecutor's Offices are still investigating others.

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Action in Seoul. Photo: World Without War

South Korea: Conscientious objectors’ unending legal battle

Top court delays ruling, mulls human rights record

(22.07.2018) The Constitutional Court is poised to conclude another milestone conscientious objection case, weeks after a historic June 28 ruling where it overturned South Korea's long-standing stance to alternative military service. The top court will wrap up a class-action complaint filed in 2011 by 433 conscience objectors who claimed that they were human rights victims but that they were unable to get adequate compensation from the government because of the absence of legislation. Those who filed the complaint urged the top court to take necessary measures, so the government could compensate them and expunge their criminal records.

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Action of World Without War

South Korea: Conscientious objector sentenced to prison

(18.07.2018) A South Korean conscientious objector was sentenced to a jail term Tuesday, despite the recent Constitutional Court order for the government to introduce civilian forms of service for them.
Seoul Western District Court ruled Tuesday that the man, surnamed Oh, must serve 18 months in prison for not complying with the country’s mandatory military service. Oh, 30, says that his political beliefs go against serving in the armed forces.

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Five soldiers deserted Armenian occupation army within a week

(07.06.2018) The reasons for this massive desertion are, of course, different in each case, but they all show that the Armenian army is experiencing an unprecedented crisis and is weaker than ever. Can it be otherwise, if the soldiers serve in unbearable conditions, suffer constant attacks and bullying of commanders and fellows-in-arm, and the army itself is torn apart by "internecine wars" between conscripts from Armenia and Karabakh?

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