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Azerbaijan: Conscientious objector two weeks in army

(10.08.2012) Jehovah’s Witness Amid Zohrabov, from Lokbatan near Baku, was forcibly conscripted into the army when he was summoned on 23 July by the local Conscription Office, Jehovah’s Witnesses complained to Forum 18. Members of this religious community worldwide are pacifist and refuse to do any form of military service.

Burma/Myanmar: Teenager seeks protection after deserting army

(07.05.2012) A teenager, who was forcibly recruited by the military four years ago, is seeking protection from the International Labour Organisation’s liaison office in Rangoon after deserting the army. Ye Min Oo, 19, was convinced to leave his hometown Chanmyatharzi in Mandalay division by a man who promised him a construction job in Kyaikhto township in Mon state that would pay twice the amount he was currently making.

Turkey: New psychological Torture for Gays from GATA

“Facing the Family”

(03.03.2012) Criticized in the previous years for asking gays to bring photos of them taken during sexual intercourse in order for them to receive a so-called “rotten” (unfit) report that would exempt them from mandatory military service, Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) now gave up on this method and found a derivative of it. GATA* military hospital in Haydarpaşa, Istanbul, which gays who want to receive a “rotten” report are frequently referred to, now asks to “meet the family” [of the applicant].

Algeria: Conscientious objector Soufiane Ababou feared recruited / fear for his safety

Please send letter of protest

(01.02.2011) War Resisters’ International received information that Algerian conscientious objector Soufiane Ababou Soufiane Ababou is feared to have been recruited by force yesterday, and there are serious fears for his health. Soufiane Ababou, a youth from the Algerian town of Lamtar who turns 26 next month, is refusing military service since 2005. He refuses military service based on his pacifist convictions. On 13 January 2011, Soufiane Ababou received a summons from the prosecutor at the military court of Oran for a hearing on 30 January 2011. This was confirmed by a notice from the gendarmerie from 27 January 2011, which also stated the reason: draft evasion.