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Vicdani Ret Dernegi

Turkey: New Executive Decree threatens conscientious objectors

(09.10.2017) On 22nd June, the Turkish government issued a new decree law - during the ongoing state of emergency - which allows the immediate conscription of those who were found to be members of, or in relation to, terrorist organisations.

War Resisters International

Bolivia: ’Voluntary’ conscription of 17 year-olds and plans for substitute service

(09.10.2017) Plans for an alternative 'Social Action Service' have been announced by the Bolivian Ministry of Defence. Currently, no substitute to military service exists in the country.

War Resisters International

Haiti: Plans to recruit for army

(07.10.2017) Haiti has started recruiting for its newly reestablished army. The Defense Minister Herve Denis said they plan to recruit 500 soldiers as part of the first recruitment drive, but they might need to reduce this number due to budgetary problems. He said the duties of the soldiers will be rebuilding after natural disasters and monitoring borders for smuggled contraband.

Crimea: Forced Enlistment

(25.09.2017) Since the occupation began, residents of Crimea have been subjected to
conscription in the armed forces of the Russian Federation. Until 31 December 2016,
military service could only take place on the territory of the Crimean peninsula. Since
2017, conscripts can also be sent to serve on the territory of the Russian Federation.