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Dmitry Setrakov

Armenia: Russian conscientious objector arrested by the Russian military and transferred to Russia

(20.12.2023) Uncertainty is spreading in the Russian exile community in Armenia following the arrest and extradition of a fugitive soldier by the Russian military police in the Armenian city of Gyumri. Dmitry Setrakov, 20, had fled to Armenia to live in exile. On 6 December he was arrested by Russian military police and taken to a military prison of the Russian 102nd military garrison. He was initially sentenced to 27 days in detention for unauthorised removal from the troops, but now the Russian military has extradited him to Rostov-on-Don in the southern military district of Russia.

Olga Karach (left) in Berlin, 9.12.2023. Photo: Connection e.V.

Belarus: „Helping conscientious objectors costs less than any missile“

(09.12.2023) We help conscientious objectors and deserters, but it’s very challenging. They’re not welcome anywhere. Today, those who refuse to take up arms and do not want to go to the front - conscientious objectors and deserters - have become criminals.

Hungary does not want to extradite Ukrainians liable for military service

Article by Analisi Difesa

(05.10.2023) In parliament, Orban said that Ukrainians who have come to Hungary and are subject to military service will not be extradited, as Kiev is demanding of all European refugee-hosting countries. "Tens of thousands of refugees from Ukraine have found safety and a home in Hungary. Hungarians and Ukrainians from Transcarpathia are equally welcome," said the Prime Minister. "The war refugees have found safety in Hungary: Women, children and men. Hungary will not comply with the Ukrainian government’s request. We will not send anyone back to Ukraine by force."

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Russia: Escape from participation in the war

Current figures, September 2023

(19.09.2023) Based on new information, we update our estimate for the number of fled military service-obligated men from Russia. We arrive now at a figure of at least 250,000 male refugees liable for military service who left Russia.

In September 2022, we had made an estimate, based on various statistics, of how many military service men have fled Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. For Russia, we came up with an estimate there of at least 150,000, for Belarus at least 22,000, and for Ukraine at least 170,000.