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Is there a safe place for the Eritrean refugees?

(05.09.2010) It has been now six years since I started campaigning against the inhuman treatment on my fellow Eritreans by the government of Eritrea. It is true thousands of Eritreans left their country opposing the unlimited National Service which was to be only one year and six month according the 1995 National Service proclamation. In this short text I will not concentrate on the mistreatment caused by the Eritrean regime as it has been recognized by many governments, human right groups and activists. Instead on what is happening to those who left the dictator and try to get a safe place in other countries.

Stop deportation

Speech at a demonstration in Ingelheim (Germany)

(06.06.2009) Although there is a great deal of poverty in all third world countries specially in Africa, from my own perspective, I would say that most Africans are fleeing their home land for reasons of the aggravated human right violation, unending and forceful military service, sexual abuses, civil wars and opposing the dictators in their countries. Therefore, I would like to call all Germany authorities who are working on this area to stop deportation as it is inhumane and violates the basic value of the German people.

Eritrea: Four Teenagers shot dead after attempt to escape

Eritrean opposition groups call for protest demonstration

Four male teenagers were caught and killed by Eritrean soldiers after their attempt to cross the border to Ethiopia illegally beginning this year. This was reported on February 11. Due to this incident Eritrean civil organisations and opposition groups are calling for a funeral march: Saturday, February 28, 2009 at 11 am in front of the central station in Frankfurt/Main.

"People have been kept hostage for the deeds of the government"

An Eye Witness from Eritrea

The America Team for Freedom for Eritrea talked with two Eritreans who came to the United States recently. One of the individuals is a regular citizen of Eritrea who got an opportunity to come to the United States as an immigrant. The following is a brief account of his recent experience in connection with his travel to the United States.