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European Parliament resolution on Russia’s escalation of its war of aggression against Ukraine

(05.10.2022) Condemns the mobilisation in Russia, and calls for an immediate end to involuntary conscription; condemns the measures compelling residents of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine to serve in Russia’s armed or auxiliary forces, which is forbidden under the Fourth Geneva Convention; strongly appeals to all Russian people to avoid being dragged into this war, which violates international law and was therefore condemned by a large majority of countries.

"They were furious": the Russian soldiers refusing to fight in Ukraine

(12.05.2022) Troops are saying no to officers, knowing that punishment is light while Russia is not technically at war.

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Soldier, Soldier

A new music video by Russian artist Manizha

(31.03.2022) “Soldier, soldier, you’re somebody’s brother, son and father, not a toy in somebody’s hands.” A new music video by the brilliant and controversial Russian artist, Manizha, released on her YouTube channel on March 13, 2022, was timed to coincide with the day’s protests. It is timed, also, to come just before the spring conscription, when Russia’s newest recruits will be offered contracts to serve in a foreign war. The choreography of “Soldier, Soldier” is hauntingly reminiscent of 1920’s German dance, of expressionist anti-war pieces by Kurt Joos or Mary Wigman.

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Why banning men from leaving Ukraine violates their human rights

(08.03.2022) As Ukraine scrambles to defend itself from Russia’s illegal invasion, men aged 18 to 60 have been banned from leaving the country. The declaration of martial law in Ukraine gives the government power to enact this ban, but it is not in keeping with human rights or humanitarian norms. So, what is actually happening in Ukraine and what does the law say?

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