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Israel: CO Yaniv Mazor imprisoned for his first term

Recommendations for action

(13.06.2012) CO Yaniv Mazor, 31 years old from Jerusalem, was arrested on 11 June, his birthday, for his refusal to take part in the Reserve Military Force. He was sentenced to 20 days of imprisonment in prison No. 4 near Tzrifin military base. Yaniv served in the military from 1999 to 2002 and returned a few times to do reserve service. After a personal process, he decided he can not do it any more and decided to refuse.

Plakatmotiv des GI-Café Kaiserslautern

First GI Café in Germany Opens Its Doors

(25.03.2012) U.S. soldiers in Germany now have a GI coffeehouse. The Clearing Barrel Bar and Café opened Saturday, March 24, in Kaiserslautern, Germany, home to Ramstein Air Base and Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, among a constellation of U.S. bases, with 50,000 U.S. military and civilian personnel living in the area. The grand opening was a big success.

Plakatmotiv des GI-Café Kaiserslautern

Speech Veterans Day at Occupy Frankfurt

"We will no longer fight your wars!"

(11.11.2011) My name is Chris, and I am an Iraq war, Veteran. I served in Baghdad in 2005-2006. I am joined today by Dave, a Vietnam veteran, and others who are here to support us as we participate in another occupation. This war will not be fought with guns and bombs, but with our ideas and our will to transform and reshape the world. This war is the war of the 99%, the vast majority of the population, standing up against 1%, the self styled elites whose control over the government and private sectors have brought them unimaginable wealth at the expense of normal people. We are here to stand in solidarity with you, the people, who have been oppressed and exploited by the corporate and political elites of the world, the bankers and the political powers that are at their beck and call.

Myanmar: Boy, 15, Killed by Troops after Resisting Enlistment

(31.05.2010) Burmese army soldiers (Mynmar - the ed.) killed a 15-year-old boy who refused to be enlisted, according to a leading labor activist. Aye Myint, of the “Guiding Star” labor rights group, told exile media on Monday that troops of Infantry Battalion No. 586, based in Pegu Division, captured two boys they found fishing at night in a paddy field. The two boys resisted demands to join the battalion. One, identified as Tin Min Naing, was shot and then killed with a pitchfork as he tried to flee. The soldiers released the second boy, Kyaw Win Aung, who was given refuge at a temple.