Sweden hands out first jail terms for draft evasion since return of conscription

(04.04.2019) Three young Swedes have been sentenced to prison this year for refusing to start or complete their national service. The men, one of whom never turned up at his regiment and two of whom deserted, are the first to be jailed for evading military conscription since Sweden reinstated national service.

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Swede jailed for desertion despite end of conscription

(07.09.2010) A 20-year-old Swedish conscript has been convicted for desertion, even though compulsory military service ended in Sweden three months ago. The man, who hails from Halland in western Sweden, dropped out of his mandatory military service last winter after serving for just a few days, the Hallandsposten newspaper reports.

Sweden abolishes military conscription

(20.05.2010) The Swedish parliament – the Riksdagen – yesterday formalized the abolishment of compulsary military service in the country. From July this year, the recruitment of new soldiers will be based exclusively on applications from the people interested, Swedish Radio reports.