Tadzhikistan: Conscientious objection appeal to UN Human Rights Committee?

(27.02.2018) Jehovah's Witness prisoner of conscience Daniil Islamov is preparing to appeal for the last time to Tadzhikistan's Supreme Court against a six-month jail term imposed in October 2017 for refusing compulsory military service. If this appeal is rejected, he is likely to appeal to the UN Human Rights Committee. The government and the Supreme Court have not ordered prisoner of conscience Islamov's release, despite the United Nations (UN) Working Group on Arbitrary Detention on 5 October publicly stating that Tadzhikistan should release him "immediately".

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Tajikistan: Conscientious objector’s military trial imminent

(20.10.2017) 18-year-old Jehovah's Witness conscientious objector Daniil Islamov faces up to two years' imprisonment if convicted at Qurghonteppa Military Court. Forcibly conscripted in April, he has been detained in a military unit. Protestant Pastor Bakhrom Kholmatov lost his appeal against his three-year prison term.

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