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Ne soyez pas le soldat de l’invasion !

(23.10.2019) Le président turc RTE (Recep Tayyip Erdogan) a lancé une invasion du nord de la Syrie le mercredi 9 octobre 2019. En tant qu’objecteurs de conscience et opposants à la guerre, nous sommes contre l’occupation. Espérons que l’occupation prendra fin et  que la paix s’installera ! Rejette le service militaire, résiste-lui, et dis-lui non !

We are against wars! - Life matters, war kills!

On military offensive of Turkey in Syria

(10.10.2019) It is, in fact, humanity itself that dies with each shot fired in wars. When you label some others enemies and dehumanize them, you actually trample on the most fundamental values of humanity.

Turkey: Against The Motion, Against The War!

(08.10.2019) We are not surprised at all that’s happening. We are not surprised that the politicians allegedly say “peace” on the one hand, and support warmongering on the other hand; that the first agenda of Parliament on the day it opens, October 1, is this missive; that war and violence are spoken and discussed as the only solutions.

Yenikapı Tiyatrosu

Turkish actress jailed for role in play supporting conscientious objector

(01.02.2019) A Turkish actress has been sent to prison for five months for “alienating the public from military service” after acting in a theatre adaptation of Russian author Nikolai Gogol’s short story “The Overcoat,” Turkish news site T24 reported on Thursday.

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