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Conscientious objectors and deserters need our support

No to war in Ukraine!

(01.03.2022) Once again, there is war in Europe. We are appalled. In a war of aggression, Russian troops have invaded Ukraine on the orders of the Russian government under Vladimir Putin. Already  many are dead or have been wounded. There is a threat of further escalation.

We demand from the Russian government to immediately cease all hostilities and withdraw all troops from Ukraine. An escalation leading to the confrontation between Russia and NATO must be avoided at all costs. We welcome starting negotiations before the suffering becomes even greater.

Лица, отказывающиеся от военной службы по соображениям совести, и дезертиры нуждаются в нашей поддержке

Нет войне в Украине!

(01.03.2022) В Европе снова война. Мы в ужасе. Российские войска агрессивно вторглись в Украину по приказу российского правительства Владимира Путина. Уже много убитых и раненых. Существует угроза дальнейшей эскалации.

Мы призываем российское правительство немедленно прекратить все боевые действия и вывести все войска из Украины. В любом случае необходимо избежать эскалации конфронтации между Россией и НАТО. Мы выступаем за скорейшее начало переговоров, чтобы предотвратить дальнейшие страдания множества людей.

Ukrainian Pacifist Movement

Putin and Zelenskyy, Talk to Each Other!

(27.02.2022) KYIV, UKRAINE — We live in hard times which demand courage to promote peace.

(...) It is hard to stay calm and sane now, but with the support of global civil society it is easier. Friends from many countries are showing solidarity and actively promoting peace by peaceful means in and around Ukraine. We are deeply grateful and inspired here.

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Russian anti-war statements and activism

Comprehensive list

(27.02.2022) A huge number of Russian citizens are against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Many express their position through open letters and appeals or simply publications on social media. The list is in Russian and in English and it will be updated.

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