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Photo: Muhammad Sabah, B‘Tselem

Suffering does not justify suffering and, one injustice does not justify another and one crime does not warrant another

(15.10.2023) Israel is planning to send tens of thousands of soldiers into the Gaza Strip at any moment, launching a ground invasion whose proportions are not yet known. For the last week, top government and military officials have been calling for revenge, promising to ravage Gaza and cause unthinkable harm to hundreds of thousands of civilians. We must stop this now.

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War Diary

(15.10.2023) Terrible sights from the south and the Gaza envelope. Sights of war, murder, destruction and a criminal attack on innocent civilians. Our hearts are with the victims of hamas’ attack, both on the ground and via rockets.

October 8, 2023: Terrible sights from the south

October 9, 2023: As if brutality will improve something

October 15, 2023: There is no solution that can grow out of desire for revenge and suffering

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Dual loyalty

(11.10.2023) It’s so hard to have humanity here. It’s exhausting, and it feels like time after time the world is just asking you to let go

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Interview with the Israelian conscientious objector Haggai Matar

„Die Angriffe auf den Gazastreifen bringen nichts als Tod und Zerstörung“

(10.10.2023) Israel has mobilized some 300,000 army reservists as it ramps up its war on Gaza following a devastating surprise attack by Hamas militants on Saturday that killed hundreds inside Israel, including many civilians. Journalist Haggai Matar of +972 Magazine says that while the violence shocked Israelis, the unending military occupation and apartheid set the stage for this weekend’s events. “There is no military solution. These recurring attacks on Gaza bring nothing but death and destruction, and no hope for any of us,” says Matar, a conscientious objector who refused service in the Israel.

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