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Marcela Paz and Rocio Elizabeth

Marcela Paz and Rocio Elizabeth, Chile: For a world without war, without borders, without violence

Video on YouTube channel Refuse to Kill

(15.05.2020) Marcela Paz of the Antimilitarist Network of Latin America and the Caribbean (Red Antimilitarista de América Latina y el Caribe, RAMALC) and Rocio Elizabeth, conscientious objector, both from Chile, give a short statement to the International Day of Conscientious Objection: “Because we want a world without war, without borders and without violence, a greeting today to all the conscientious objectors in the world”

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Femininities and masculinities: Analysing militarism through the lens of patriarchy

(16.04.2020) Militarism can be analysed from different perspectives; from class to race, to gender. You can make links between militarism and other social problems such as climate change, internal and external displacement, discrimination and many others.

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Demonstration in Frankfurt/Main 2009

Eritrean women: “Take Human Rights Abusers to International Criminal Court!”

(09.03.2018) Eritrean women and friends and supporters of Eritrea marched from the centre of the Dutch capital, Den Hague to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to demand justice for on the International Women’s Day.

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Conscription for Women in Norway

(25.07.2013) 14th June this year the Norwegian parliament decided to introduce conscription for women. The question was on the agenda of all the political parties’ yearly meetings this spring, spearheaded by women from a young generation. The most surprising thing, bearing in mind the Norwegian context, is that the socialist party’s young women were at the very front in calling for this change. The surprise is because this party, and especially the younger generation, have in the past taken a strong antimilitaristic stand. Now, their main argument is that women should have the same rights, as well as taking the same duties, as men.