André Shepherd

André Shepherd

AWOL U.S. soldier André Shepherd at European Court of Justice

Invitation to Hearing and Press Conference

by Connection e.V., Pro Asyl und Military Counseling Network e.V.

(17.06.2014) June 25, 2014, the European Court of Justice will hear the case of AWOL U.S. soldier André Shepherd, who filed an application for political asylum in Germany in 2008.

37-year-old André Shepherd was deployed to Iraq for six months as an Apache helicopter mechanic in 2004. After returning on leave to his unit stationed in Katterbach, Bavaria, he seriously deliberated the effects of U.S. military action on the civilian population in Iraq. After long deliberation, he decided to go AWOL (Absent Without Leave), and then seek refuge in Germany, as he could no longer b e accomplice to war crimes. André Shepherd based his application for political asylum on the European Union Qualification Directive, which is intended to protect those who refuse to participate in a war or other activities that violate international law, and who may expect persecution as a consequence.

Shepherd's lawyer, Reinhard Marx, observed that in this important case, an AWOL soldier from the United States will, for the first time, be tried at the highest European court: “This shows the tremendous significance of this case.”


The hearing will take place Wednesday, June 25, 2014, at 9.30 a.m. at the European Court of Justice, Rue du Fort Niedergrünewald, L-2925 Luxemburg (


A press conference will be held afterwards, expected time: 12.00 h in Casino Syndical de Bonnevoie, 63, rue de Bonnevoie in L-1260 Luxembourg.


During the press conference André Shepherd, his lawyer Reinhard Marx and representatives of Pro Asyl and Connection e.V. will be available for questions and interviews.


We will be happy to answer your questions. Further information is available at


Connection e.V., Pro Asyl and Military Counseling Network e.V.: Press Information, June 17, 2014

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