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Information for dissatisfied soldiers from Ukraine

If you’re not ready to join the fights...

Here you will find advice on what to do if you want to refuse to be recruited into the army.

In Ukraine

On August 21, 2022, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense announced that the right to conscientious objection no longer applies due to martial law and the associated indefinite military service. This contradicts international human rights norms, but indeed it means that the right to conscientious objection is suspended. There have also been initial sentences of several years’ imprisonment already.

With the proclamation of martial law on February 24, 2022, men between the ages of 18 and 60 were prohibited from leaving the country. There are some exceptions to this. Departure is possible if the person obliged for military service has been

- has been discharged,

- has three or more minor children,

- is a single father of a minor child,

- has to care for a close relative,

- has established permanent residence abroad

- or in the case of higher education, full-time studies or dual studies abroad.

Drivers for international cargo transport, medical and humanitarian aid transport can also cross the border after submitting an application. The regulations can be found on the website of the Ukrainian government.

We have received information that the border authorities refuse to allow you to leave the country even if you have an exemption permit. Please contact the Counseling service in Ukraine:, +380 973 179 326.

Studying in Germany

If you have an admission to enter a university, you can try to start or continue your studies in Germany. An entitlement may exist if you have already studied for two or three semesters. If you are not yet studying, you must first check whether your school-leaving certificate is recognized. More information.

If the school-leaving certificate does not entitle the holder to take up a course of study in Germany, a Studienkolleg can first be attended. This is a preparatory course for university studies. Good German language skills and a successful entrance exam are required. More information.

The university itself decides which German language skills are required. As a rule, it corresponds to level B2 of the European Framework of Reference.

To start studying in Germany, you need to apply for a visa. For this you will also need proof of funding for your studies, about €10,000 per year (2022). More information.

If you want to apply to study at universities or colleges in Germany, you must apply to the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung (Foundation for University Admission), to the Arbeits- und Servicestelle für Internationale Studienbewerbungen (Work and Service Center for International Student Applications - uni-assist) or to the universities themselves. More information.

Residence status in the European Union

According to EU law, Ukrainian nationals with a biometric passport can enter the EU for short-term stays without a visa. Ukrainian nationals with a non-biometric passport generally require a visa to enter the country. We do not know whether neighbouring countries of Ukraine have currently overridden this regulation.

If you are already in European Union countries, you can get a humanitarian stay. In principle, you also have the option of obtaining a work permit. The European Council, i.e. the government of the countries of the European Union, decided on March 4, 2022 that Ukrainian citizens can receive a stay limited to one year. This applies to all Ukrainian nationals who resided in Ukraine before February 24, 2022. In order to make use of this, you must register in the relevant country, preferably in your future place of residence. Further information is available from the counseling centres for refugees in the respective country.

The humanitarian stay is only valid for a limited period. A basic supply is currently being ensured by the states of the European Union with the support of many initiatives.

It is currently not necessary to apply for asylum, but it can be done later. We recommend that you contact the refugee counseling centres in the respective country as soon as possible to find out about further possibilities.

This is an initial briefing. We keep up-to-date information as well as further links at the central web address

Who we are: We are a coalition of organizations and individuals from Western Europe who want to support anyone who does not want to participate in the war effort.

For further questions you can contact us via
+49 157 824 702 51 (in Russian language)

An information for recruits and soldiers from Ukraine, , published on 1.9.2022

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