Danil und Vladimir

Danil und Vladimir

Now on the YouTube channel @RefusetoKill: Conversations with the Russian conscientious objectors Danil and Vladimir

"Those who are against the war waged by Putin’s regime should speak out together in public"

(24.01.2024) In October 2023, Connection e.V. interviewed the two conscientious objectors Danil and Vladimir from Russia. The interviews were conducted in Russian and can now be streamed on the YouTube channel @RefusetoKill. Both English and German subtitles are available.

Danil (https://youtu.be/esNiz1bbMCc) came to Germany on a visit visa in January 2022. After the war in Ukraine began, he decided to apply for asylum: "When the war started, I realized that I didn’t want to leave. I am against the war, against Putin’s regime. I had already spoken out publicly beforehand and had taken part in rallies. I don’t want to go to war. For me, this war is a criminal war (...). Applying for asylum was the only chance to stay here. After the first hearing, my application was rejected by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. I filed an appeal against this."

His brother Vladimir (https://youtu.be/2sILReKS4ZI) was still living in St. Petersburg at the start of the war and was called up in September 2022. He then fled to Germany. His asylum application is still pending, too: "I was born in Ukraine. I came to Russia when I was three. Where am I from? Am I Ukrainian? Am I Russian? I never made a distinction, for me it has always been the same. And now they have divided us. They’re practically telling me to ’take the gun and kill my grandmother’".


Youtube channel @RefusetoKill: https://www.youtube.com/@RefusetoKill

Video of the interview with Danil: https://youtu.be/esNiz1bbMCc

Video of the interview with Vladimir: https://youtu.be/2sILReKS4ZI

Connection e.V.: News January 24, 2024

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