#ObjectWarCampaign - Russia, Belarus, Ukraine: Protection for deserters and conscientious objectors 

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Digest March 2024


(13.05.2024) Dear friends, hello everyone! In our March news digest, we’ll focus on Moscow – it is where the reform of military offices began, and where summons are now being sent electronically. In Russia, on the other hand, authorities legalized the procedure for exemption from criminal liability for voluntary participation in war: the procedure will affect suspects and defendants in criminal cases, as well as convicts in prisons. Also in our digest are attempts by military offices to hand out summons for the March 17th elections. Enjoy reading!

Conscientious objectors need your support

Take action and donate for objectors from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine!

(07.05.2024) Dear,

The #ObjectWarCampaign, which has been campaigning for conscientious objectors and deserters from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine for more than two years, needs your support. Here are two suggestions for campaign activities and an appeal for donations.

Weeks of action to the International Day of Conscientious Objection, May 15, 2024

Actions and Events, May 7 to June 1

(06.05.2024) Around the International Day of Conscientious Objection, May 15, there will be events and actions in various countries. With the events we are calling for protection for all those who refuse to go to war. Conscientious objection is a human right, especially during war. Prosecuted conscientious objectors and deserters need asylum!

The interactive map of the international campaign #RefuseWar

News on the #ObjectWarCampaign to support deserters and conscientious objectors

Russia, Belarus, Ukraine

(30.04.2024) News on the week of action around the International Day of Conscientious Objection on May 15, and the international #RefuseWar campaign. Description and links to new action materials for the International Day of Conscientious Objection.