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#ObjectWarCampaign - Join in!

A video two years after the start of the war against Ukraine

(06.02.2024) Rudi Friedrich from Connection e.V. gives an update on the #ObjectWarCampaign to support conscientious objectors from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

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Danil und Vladimir

Now on the YouTube channel @RefusetoKill: Conversations with the Russian conscientious objectors Danil and Vladimir

"Those who are against the war waged by Putin’s regime should speak out together in public"

(24.01.2024) In October 2023, Connection e.V. interviewed the two conscientious objectors Danil and Vladimir from Russia. The interviews were conducted in Russian and can now be streamed on the YouTube channel (at)RefusetoKill. Both English and German subtitles are available.

Video of the interview with Danil:

Video of the interview with Vladimir:

A video to our supporters: Connection e.V. says thank you

(27.12.2023) The Connection e.V. team says thank you. A bit thank to all our supporters, near and far away, to be seen directly in your Browser (only in German) or on YouTube (with subtitles).

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Action Week December 4 to 10, 2023

Ein Video zur Aktion

(15.10.2023) For the action week from 4-10 December 2023 for the protection and asylum of conscientious objectors and deserters from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, we present a preparation video produced by the DFG-VK.