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Russia – No legal provision for alternative civilian service during mobilisation

Uploaded 13.01.2023

(19.12.2022) In Zeiten der Mobilisierung gibt es keine rechtlichen oder praktischen Regelungen für den Alternativen Dienst, obwohl die Verfassung dieses Recht allen Bürgern garantiert. Das hat dazu geführt, dass die Rekrutierungsbüros Anträge auf Alternativen Dienst ablehnen und Kriegsdienstverweigerer zu Militäreinheiten schicken. Darüber hinaus ermöglicht eine Gesetzesänderung vom November 2022, dass Personen, die sich bereits im Alternativen Dienst befinden, innerhalb der Streitkräfte in einem unbewaffneten Dienst eingesetzt werden können. „Mit dieser Gesetzesänderung wird der Alternative Dienst als Alternative zum Militärdienst während einer Mobilisierung faktisch abgeschafft“, so die Anwältin Valeriya Vetoshkina.

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Sliman Abu Ruken

The Israeli military imprisoned me for 10 days for staying true to my moral compass

Uploaded 21.11.2022

(23.10.2022) Sliman Abu Ruken, a 19 years old Druze enlistment refuser, had spent 10 days in military prison. With support by the Mesarvot network he received his military exemption three weeks ago. This is his statement:

European Parliament resolution on Russia’s escalation of its war of aggression against Ukraine

Uploaded 03.11.2022

(05.10.2022) Condemns the mobilisation in Russia, and calls for an immediate end to involuntary conscription; condemns the measures compelling residents of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine to serve in Russia’s armed or auxiliary forces, which is forbidden under the Fourth Geneva Convention; strongly appeals to all Russian people to avoid being dragged into this war, which violates international law and was therefore condemned by a large majority of countries.

IFOR briefs the UN Human Rights Committee on the right to conscientious objection in Russia

Uploaded 03.11.2022

On October 17th the International Fellowship of Reconciliation participated in the formal briefing at the 136th session of the UN Human Rights Committee. During the ongoing session, after two postponements, the members of the Committee will review the Russian Federation and formulate Concluding Observations. Members of the Civil Society have been invited to submit reports in advance and to participate in briefing meetings with the Committee to provide useful information. IFOR took advantage of the 4 minutes speaking opportunity to report on illegal recruitment, cruel treatment of refusers to combat operations in Ukraine, human rights violations of those protesting against the war and other related issues.

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