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Call to action for the International Day of Conscientious Objection (May 15)

Conscientious objection is a human right. Conscientious objectors to military service need asylum

(08.04.2024) We are organising rallies and demonstrations in front of government institutions of warring states, vigils in front of monuments to deserters and other creative actions at various locations during the week of 15 May, the "International Day of Conscientious Objection" - from 13 to 19 May 2024. We emphasise: Conscientious objection is a human right!

Digest of Movement of Conscientious Objectors Russia

February 2024

(29.03.2024) Dear and beloved, hello everyone. This is Artyom Klyga from the Movement of Conscientious Objectors. In February, we closely followed legislative initiatives and the judicial practice of Russian courts. Today in our digest, we will talk about the new maximum age for mobilised soldiers; about the possibility for a partner to marry a deceased serviceman or servicewomen; about changes in the sphere of alternative civilian service and about new restrictions for Russian "foreign agents". Enjoy your reading!

The National Asylum Court (CNDA). Photo: CNDA.

War in Ukraine: France grants asylum to 19 deserters of the Russian army

(22.03.2024) Since the beginning of the year, 19 Russian citizens have been granted asylum in France as announced by the National Asylum Court (CNDA) on March 22, 2024. Russian soldiers who refused to fight in Ukraine were already granted refugee status by the CNDA in June 2023. According to the court’s decisions, which were "read out between January 1 and mid-March 2024, 19 asylum applications" were granted, the CNDA told AFP news agency on Friday.

The Warrior Nation podcast, ForcesWatch.

Warrior Nation Podcast: "International anti-militarism: Ukrainian war resisters (SE5 EP3)"

(14.03.2024) Warrior Nation returns with a series exploring the work of leading anti-militarist organisations from around the world. With wars raging in Gaza, Ukraine and beyond, platforming critical voices has never been more important. In this episode, we’re talking with Marah Frech who works in the executive office of Connection e.V., a German anti-militarist group supporting deserters and resisters. We’re exploring this new front of struggle which exists at the intersection of war, migration and asylum.