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Egypt: Military arrests pacifist activist and conscientious objector

Maikel Nabil Sanad threatened with 5 years sentence

(29.03.2011) War Resisters’ International, the international network of pacifist and antimilitarist organisations with more than 80 affiliates in more than 40 countries, is concerned about the arrest of Egyptian pacifist and conscientious objector Maikel Nabil Sanad.

According to reports from his friends, Maikel Nabil Sanad was arrested in the night of 28 March, when he was alone at home. He managed to call his brother on 29 March in the morning, to inform him about his arrest. He also told him that he would be tried in a military court on the same day, and that he is being threatened with a prison sentence of five years, on unknown charges.

Israel: Sixth Prison Term for Conscientious Objector Ajuad Zidan

(04.03.2011) We have learned that conscientious objector Ajuad Zidan was sentenced to 30 days of imprisonment on 27 Feb. for his refusal to enlist. This is now his sixth (!) term in prison. Since our previous update on his case he hass been going in and out of prison repeatedly, sentenced again and again for his refusal to join the military, and persisting in his refusal. By the time his current term ends, he will have spent a total of more than four months behind bars, with no end in sight.

South Korea: Conscientious objector Jihwan Ahn sentenced to 18 months imprisonment

(22.02.2011) War Resisters’ International received information that South Korean conscientious objector and anarchist Jihwan Ahn was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment for conscientious objection on 17 February. He was arrested in court and transferred to prison.

Turkey: Conscientious Objector Inan Süver Threatened with more Imprisonment

Please send letter of protest

(21.02.2011) Kurdish-Turkish conscientious objector Inan Süver has been in prison since August 5, 2010. He has protested the inhumane conditions of his detention by means of several hunger strikes. Now on March 7, 2011, he is facing a fourth trial for desertion. For this reason, Connection e.V. is initiating a a fax campaign. Join us expressing our protest to the General Staff of the Turkish military.